Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep 03 : I missed you, darling!

20 Jan


Three months have passed since last episode. The village is doing pretty well, under the guidance of Boobs-chan. Also the apprentice maids are doing pretty well, they totally blend in with the villagers and loved by everybody. Our main characters moved out for a new mission, to meet with the church and ask for their cooperation. We got more infodumping here. Bla bla bla. The church is very important and useful. Bla bla bla. They pray to Light Spirit. Bla bla bla. There, they met with Hero’s ex-nakama, the Knight. Remember how I said that they still had one nakama other than an old fart and a mage chick? Yes, this is her. A knight class party member. A blonde bitch who gets hysterical a lot and not feminine at all. She’s totally jealous to the demon king, and she pressed on the matter where has the hero been all this time.

They ended up lying to her. He shoved the matter of Mage-chan under the rug, and the red hair Demon King got into serious business. About potatoes. Yes. Potatoes. Apparently it’s such a superior food, and they wanted the church’s cooperation to plant it all over the country. Later, we got more infodumping. Oh joy! It’s about Alliance, a powerful merchant organization which controls the human’s economy sector, and powerful enough to overthrow the king. We are shown some shady people talking about the bait that demon king sent them. It’s a compass! Yeah, yeah, whatever, keep talking, nameless characters with lazy forgettable design. Later, the Hero tried to leave their home to search for Mage-chan. Apparently, he cares for her after all. Boobs-chan (the demon king) tried to stop him, and… *beep* What am I seeing? *beep* Who’s the moron who write this story? *beep* To be continued in next section!

My Thoughts

So, we finally got to see the last remaining part member. She’s genuinely worried about the Hero. “I missed you, darling! Who is this red haired thieving cat! You should better explain yourself!” And what did our Hero do?


Hero, the f**cking liar.

He lied to her. His precious ex-nakama. Someone who probably has gone through life and death moments with him. He lied with a straight face. Now. Now. It’s true that Boobs-chan was the one who did the talking, but Hero is still a damn liar. Why? According to my professor, there are three kinds of lying:

  • Verbal. This is the most common type of lying. “I didn’t eat your cake!” “I did my homework! I only forgot to bring it with me today!” There’s no need for further explanation, huh.
  • Writing. This involves something like faking a signature, filling a form with wrong information, filling your attendance list dishonestly, and such.
  • Helping a lie directly / indirectly. This is what the Hero did. Demon King is the one who really lied, but Hero nodded it off, and acted like it’s really truth, with a straight face.

baka yarou

Hero, the brain dead idiot.

Next, please look at what he said to her above. I know this is something that has been done to death. But it still manages to piss me off everytime. What kind of idiot said something like that to a woman? Is this supposed to be funny? *yawn*

mr and mrs potato

I didn’t realize that I eat such a wonderful thing regularly! What blasphemy! I should thank the Lord more.

Not only the repeated praise on potatoes made me cringe, I also have an important question to this anime. Why are the humans in this anime world so dumb? They need a demon king to teach them about farming. They need a demon king to teach them about crop rotations. They need a demon king to teach them about the greatness of planting potatoes! Okay, villagers are dumb, generally. (I am sorry, all villagers out there!) But the people at such a large organization such as the Church, should know about potatoes without the help of a demon king. How could such a dumb race stands a chance against a genius race such as the demons, and have a dragged out war for hundreds of years? Beat me.

mr compass

The ultimate invention!

Also the grand praise for the compass. Apparently, the humans can’t upgrade the compass into looking like this by their own. They are totally falling behind in technology. I wonder why haven’t the demons bombard their cities with cannons and mortars, and wipe out the humanity. Could it be, the only smart one is Boobs-chan? Is she a genius inventor? All right. The perfect woman, it is. And she’s paired up with a stupid virgin. Hmm. Why do I get the feeling that I have seen these setting a lot already? Why am I calling him a stupid virgin? Well, continuing from where I stopped during the summary section, look at these:

stupid virgin

Hero, the stupid virgin.

stupid virgin

Hero, the stupid virgiiin.

Considering what we saw on episode 2, and how a long time has passed, it wouldn’t be strange to think that they have done ‘it’ everyday like a pair of rabbits? But not only he didn’t do her, he didn’t even touch her. What’s with this inconsistency? A romance story writing at it’s best. Heh. Please, Mr. Author, keep this anime as edutainment when you have zero skill as romance story writer. I am going to join Zaku‘s prayer, that after they switched their primary food to potatoes, a potato famine breaks out and kills them all. Amen.

Anime Lessons

  • White lie is allowed. For the sake of greater good.
  • Church is just another human organization. There’s no God.
  • Potato is the ultimate food for human.
  • You can become a high council member by owning a better compass.
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