Winter 2013 Anime so Far

28 Jan

Now that most anime already have three episode aired, I am going to share my thoughts here. Please do notice that they are ‘my thoughts’, which are definitely different from yours, so, no offence please. If an anime is not mentioned here, it’s because I didn’t even watch a single episode for various reasons, such as how everybody agreed that it’s a “Robin Hood show for kids” and an utter trash. Also, apparently I picked a wrong time to start a blog. January is such a busy month. As I write this, the list of ‘what-to-do’ in my sticky notes has grown past screen height. Oh, damn. There’s no turning back now. On with the contents!

01. Amnesia

[info] Look, another anime with boring female as the main character. They used her amnesia as an excuse for her blandness. I have seen a lot of amnesia stories. They may lost their memory of their own names, families, and friends, but they can still laugh, they can still make shocked face, they are not as boring as this thing. Despite how boring the protagonist is, all the hot guys in clown-like suits come after her. They touch her every time they got a chance. They totally want to do her. Give me a break. Score : Dropped.

02. Boku wa Tomodachi NEXT

[info] I loved the 1st season because Yozora is such a smart bitch. She tricked the Maria into giving her a club room, she tricked Sena into doing a lot of stupid things, she has everyone under her thumb. And I have to admit that her reunion with Kodaka, when he finally remembered her, it was pretty touching and good. For that reason I picked 2nd season. What do we have here? a. spanking session. b. farting and burping nun. Those are not funny, guys. They are disgusting. Also it has loli bathing scene for no apparent reason. An anime with mixed love and hate reaction. Score : D+

03. Cuticle Detective Inaba

[info] A detective anime which is definitely not intended to be taken seriously. It has a hair-fetish werewolf, an ordinary boy which functions as ‘the straight guy’, a trap which doesn’t do anything worthwhile, a doting father, a blonde zoophilia, a goat as mafia boss, a paperbag-head guy, a shotacon assassin. While the jokes don’t always work, I quite enjoyed it so far. Score : B-

04. Kotoura-san

[info] An anime which caught me and most people off guard. I totally don’t expect it to be a drama. I thought it would be something like Seitokai Yakuindomo, or Working!!, being an adaption of 4 koma manga. Drama hating people might find it unbearable, but I think it’s a good anime. I can totally feel sympathy towards the main female character, and the main male character is pretty cool. It has flaws indeed. Such as how the newspaper and televisions and research institutes left her alone, while she totally doesn’t make any attempt to hide her ESP power. But those things can be swept under the rugs, because even though it’s a drama, it also switched to comedy many times, which means it shouldn’t be taken too seriously? Score : B+

05. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

[info] An infodump and exposition anime, despite it’s title, Demon King and Hero. I can hardly enjoy the “education” because it’s talking about an RPG world, instead of resembling / imitating real world. How is it educating me when it’s totally irrelevant to real world? People are said being in constant war with demons. People cast magics. People are praying to Light Spirit instead of God / Jesus / Allah. Also the town names and country names are totally unfamiliar. They are totally RPG rip-offs. Now then, RPG setting can actually be enjoyable as mere entertainment, since that what’s anime are, most of them time. If it has good characters to back it up. But what do we have here? Nameless stereotype characters whose personalities are as thin as papers : Hero, Demon King, Maid, Serfs, Mage, Knight, Shady Merchants (lol), etc. No, even paper is thicker. Also, the battles are told instead of being animated, lol. In still images too. Overall, bad anime. Go watch Spice and Wolf instead. If you haven’t. Score : C-

06. Minami-ke Tadaima

[info] An anime without knowing anything about former seasons and their original source, the manga. And it turns out to be such a pleasant find. It has little sister with leaf shaped ahoge and really sharp tongue. A middle sister who’s totally a baka. A loving oldest sister who’s once a banchou. Their interaction and daily lives are really fun to watch. The supporting characters are very solid too. The most notable ones are a trap and a reverse trap who has their “legitimate” reasons for faking their gender. Also a classmate with forever unrequited love. Also a perverted senpai who’s totally delusional. I ended up reading all the translated manga in marathon. Score : B+

07. Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo

[info] As I said, I love Fantasy anime if the main character is cool. Someone I can fall in love to, lol. Sadly, this anime totally failed in that requirement. Foremost, the setting in this anime is totally RPG-alike. What’s with current anime industry and their obsession with RPG lately? I prefer a world which is similar to us, with magic and ESP as the spice only. Just like To Aru Majutsu no Index. Ok, back to the show. The protagonist in this anime is a cheeky brat with a headset on his head all the time. He’s looking down on people. He’s unsincere. He think he’s the best in the world. He think the world revolves around him. Now, I would be glad if I saw him getting his ass whipped for overestimating himself. But no, he whipped a water god in the shape of huge dragon like it was nothing. The other two females are pretty boring too, since they are totally overpowered just like him. Score : Dropped.

08. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

[info] A long title light novel, adapted into anime by A-1 Pictures. After watching the special interview episode, this anime is definitely a harem, with a total of four girls fighting for the guy by the end. But the other two have yet to appear after 3 episode. Instead, we are shown a love triangle story which I have to say, not bad. The silver haired bitch is such a bully, witty, interesting character overall. Yup, a character, not just a paper. I love how she hold the the weakness of Eita, and tricked the childhood friend into doing a lot of stupid things. I love how she make those evil faces too. Yet she’s not really evil, because her pranks weren’t too harmful. The chemistry is not bad. They may start as fake lover, but after seeing a lot of his good sides, knowing a lot of his past, Masuzu has definitely started to feel something for him. Although this kind of story is not something new at all, it’s able to draw my attention into following it weekly. Score : B-

09. Sasami Ganbaranai

[info] An anime with SHAFT written all over the place. I have lost my faith in SHAFT during Nisemonogatari. The conclusion with the villain in that anime is super anti-climatic. Instead, they showed us a lot of otaku pandering material, mainly about little sister incest. This is the case with this anime. I groaned and facepalmed just from watching the first half of the first episode. they showed us a lot of cam-shots of the imouto from the get go. Then, the big brother was introduced, only that his face wasn’t shown. You know, just like those eroge with faceless protagonist. Oh, I have to mention that the footage wwas mostly shown in first person point of view, too. Yup, just like eroge. Score : Dropped.

10. Tamako Market

[info] KyoAni anime of current season. Having the same staffs as K-On!, you can pretty much guess what kind of show is this. Our main girl Tamako is an energic moe moe girl who’s loved by everyone in the whole marketplace. She goes to school, she hangs out with friends, she eats sweets. The only difference is, it has a talking bird. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but I personally hate the bird. It’s such a fat and ugly bird. It’s a mismatch with the rest of the artstyle. Also it’s such a pompous bird. For example, there’s this cute scene with Tamako and Mochizou talking over a string phone, only to be ruined by the fat bird, who make a weird and ugly pose as he stood on top of the string. Oh please. Roast the bird! Other than that, the story is quite boring. This anime should get an award for “Nothing Happens!” I will continue watching for now, to see if it’s actually going anywhere. Score : C-

11. Vividred Operation

[info] A shameless original ecchi anime made by A-1 Pictures. The story itself is a classic mahou shoujo story. You could easily compare it to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, if it’s just the story. A not so ordinary middle school girl, got a new power from her grandpa, who’s shaped like a mascot animal. The new power transformed her by giving her mahou shoujo’s outfit, added with various mechanical equipment. Using this new power, she fought to protect the earth. She gained new allies on the way, and they fought together. Just like that. The difference is, this anime is ecchi. You could easily lose count of just how many butts screenshot you can get. These girls are attending school in bloomers. Or, is it bike shorts? Is it panties? Either way, their butts cracks are clearly visible and the camera focuses on them purposely. And they added yuri in it as well. These girls can perform fusion, to turn into a more powerful mahou shoujo, by kissing. Yes, kissing. Their transformation scenes showed them in their underwears, in good detail too. A totally shameless anime, indeed. But to be fair, I have to praise how this anime gets a really high budget / production value from A-1 Pictures. Probably from the money they got from SAO fanboys. The animation during battles and transformation are awesome. I can’t find any stupid distorted face, unlike SAO. The fight scenes are fluid, colorful, bright and satisfying. No complain there. Now, if only they are willing to remove the ecchi, it would be great. Too bad, the ecchi is this anime’s selling point. I am going to watch it weekly, just to see how low can they get, ha ha. Score : C+

12. Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED

[info] A spin-off anime which is neglected / underrated by MAL user, seeing how it only gets 36 replies in the latest episode discussion thread. Compare this to SAO, which has 1000 replies. It’s really underrated, since this anime is not bad at all. The story takes place in an alternate world similar to ours, which is just what I wanted. Also, the main character is cool. He maybe a lolicon who’s over 60 years old. But he looks young, so I can let the ‘old’ part slide. What’s important is, he is charismatic. He is fine leader of his criminal group, he has done his part pretty well, and he cares for his subordinates. The super saiyan mode may seems overpowered, but seeing how the subordinates asked about his health, that mode ought to have serious negative effect. The budget is definitely on the low side, but that doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the anime. Score : B+

13. Shorts

Other than those, there are a lot of short anime, whose contents are only 2 or 3 minutes long. It’s hard for me to score them, when they are extremely short like that, since the time is definitely not enough to tell any useful story. They are all trash, pretty much. The only one I think worth watching is Yama no Susume, since it has more proper story.


4 Responses to “Winter 2013 Anime so Far”

  1. nekomimiSenu February 4, 2013 at 05:35 #

    “a. spanking session. b. farting and burping nun. Those are not funny, guys. They are disgusting”
    If you like it or not depends on your taste. But you have to admit that Next improved everything single character. So far it’s much more enjoyable than S1.
    ” can hardly enjoy the “education” because it’s talking about an RPG world, instead of resembling / imitating real world. How is it educating me when it’s totally irrelevant to real world? ”
    It’s called world building. Wait, you mean you never wrote your own setting? Aren’t you interested in world completely different from our own?
    “He think he’s the best in the world. ”
    Well, he is. In his entire life he never met an enemy stronger than himself. Overestimation assumes that what one believes differs from reality. This isn’t the case here.
    “The only one I think worth watching is Yama no Susume, ”
    You forgot Ishida to Asakura.

    • eternia February 6, 2013 at 22:48 #

      But you have to admit that Next improved everything single character. So far it’s much more enjoyable than S1.
      While I have only watched 3 episode, I don’t see how they are different. Sena is still a game addict and easily fooled. The scientist girl is being fujoshi as always. Yozora is still the bully. Yukimura hasn’t done anything. Maria is still the loli fanservice material.
      Aren’t you interested in world completely different from our own?
      Maybe, if I were still 12-14 years old. Also, if I were playing video games. When it comes to watching a show, I prefer something more realistic. The lazy naming may take part as well, in making me unable to appreciate the world building. Bright Light Island? Gate Country? Winter Country? Summer Country? What the hell is coming next? Spring Country and Autumn Country? Dim Dark Island? When I was a child, I played a lot of RPGs where I was asked to name all the party members myself, so I can somewhat forgive nameless characters, but these country names are so stupid and ridiculous.
      Overestimation assumes that what one believes differs from reality. This isn’t the case here.
      Does this mean he is really the strongest character of it’s own show? I dun wanna watch a show with such premise.
      You forgot Ishida to Asakura.
      You mean the one with burly male characters?

  2. Christina February 17, 2013 at 01:06 #

    Tamako Market has plenty going on.!!!! Why in that one episode they made mochi and then in the other episode they made mochi……I need to try me some of this moichi to see what the hype is all about.

    As much as I have problems remembering names and such in animes Maoyuu Maou Yuusha takes the lazy to a new level. XD

    • eternia February 17, 2013 at 19:50 #

      I have to read your posts about Tamako then. To be honest, I have stopped watching on episode 2. Because it was so boring. 😛

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