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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep 07 : Sandwiched by a Redhair and a Blonde

19 Feb


Again. We saw another time skip. For the hundredth time. The nameless young maid is telling us what happened during the time skip. About how life’s gotten better. About how the knight just won’t give up of being the third wheel. Bla bla bla. Back to present. The hero is sparring with his mistress, and again we are shown about how imba he is. Yawn. Give me a break. Next is fan service time, bathing with the knight. We are also shown a water pump. Who’s the inventor? Surprise. Surprise. It’s M-A-O-U. Next, the hero and the knight have some more bonding time. The knight is definitely trying to woo him, but the stupid virgin is completely oblivious and talking about serious stuff instead. Next is the time to drink a carbonated lemonade, because apparently, it’s very important and relevant to the plot. Next, another endless exposition. Well, that’s no surprise. I have even tagged this anime as infodump. Next we are shown that the dragon princess is totally in love with the Hero?

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