Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep 07 : Sandwiched by a Redhair and a Blonde

19 Feb


Again. We saw another time skip. For the hundredth time. The nameless young maid is telling us what happened during the time skip. About how life’s gotten better. About how the knight just won’t give up of being the third wheel. Bla bla bla. Back to present. The hero is sparring with his mistress, and again we are shown about how imba he is. Yawn. Give me a break. Next is fan service time, bathing with the knight. We are also shown a water pump. Who’s the inventor? Surprise. Surprise. It’s M-A-O-U. Next, the hero and the knight have some more bonding time. The knight is definitely trying to woo him, but the stupid virgin is completely oblivious and talking about serious stuff instead. Next is the time to drink a carbonated lemonade, because apparently, it’s very important and relevant to the plot. Next, another endless exposition. Well, that’s no surprise. I have even tagged this anime as infodump. Next we are shown that the dragon princess is totally in love with the Hero?

There is also a scene of the court, deciding punishment for the loser human general, a scene of the dragon princess grabbing unto the hero, an earthquake scene which has no explanation for now. Next we are introduced to the invention of the printing press machine. Who’s the inventor? Oh, does it need to be asked? But what comes next are really facepalm moments. This show returns to it’s weakest part, the romance part. The redhair (Maou) and the blonde (Knight) are having all sort of argument on who gets to sleep with the hero. It’s totally turning into a silly love triangle romance comedy. The difference with other anime of similar genre is, the hero, instead of being hyped, or being flustered, he pretends to be asleep, with a blushing innocent face. The next day, the redhair finally leaves, having another silly romantic parting with the hero which is really painful to watch. Of course, nothing beats what comes next. Because two nameless villains were laughing like horses while they planned their evil deed. To be continued!

My Thoughts

Enzo‘s reasoning for dropping this anime is pretty much spot on. I don’t understand what kind of show does MMY want to be? Educational anime? Oh, puh-lease. What’s with the amazing potatoes and purple corns and ass-pull inventions. Romance comedy? No way. The interaction is so painful to watch. I would rather watch a pair of birds flirt with each other. Battle anime? Oh, yeah : still pictures, CG ships, and one sided beating of a giant walrus. What kind of reader does it want to appeal to? The ecchi content is not present in each episode. The moe content is not present in each episode. The romance content is not present in each episode. The educational content is often shoved aside by the stupid romance. The fighting content is pretty sparse and disappointing. Please decide on a genre, MMY! If you want to be ecchi show, show butts every episode just like Vividred Operation. If you want to war anime, show me something better! If you want to be educational show, drop the stupid romance altogether. By being undecided, MMY turned itself into a bad show which I watch only to bash and laugh at. Oh, the other glaring flaw of MMY is obviously, how the characters are all nameless. I know the author is trying his luck in writing an unusual type of fiction. But this is a stupid move. Name is really important. It’s one’s identity. Something that he shouldn’t have messed with. Do you like people referring to you as:

  • “Oh, it’s that chinese girl.”
  • “Look, that black guy is coming.”
  • “Don’t watch our anime, white guy.”

Unhappy? I am, for sure. See? By making all the characters nameless, MMY failed to breath life into it’s characters. These characters ended up being nothing stupid tropes, paper thin characters. It’s hard for us to have sympathy towards them. I have a blank look on my face when they cried, when they laughed, when they flirted with each other. Of course, the horrible writing takes part in this as well. The plot is really lame and generic. Zero plot twist. I would be happy if Knight plotted in secret to betray her love rival Maou. She’s a demon to boot, a natural enemy of the humans. But no, I bet they are totally buddies now. Because love and friendship makes the world merry goes round. *sigh*


By helping the humans slay her own race, huh?


My ten years old niece can design better fictional world map.


When did the blue skinned demon girl become her maid?


Who needs Johannes Gutenberg? Who needs separate inventor for separate invention? Who needs the Wright brothers? She is going to pull an airplane out of her ass next episode.


S-Scary, I must pretend to be asleep, like an innocent baby.


This guy can even teleport you to Mars as long as you asked.


Are you perhaps, a twin brother of Sugou / Oberon?

Anime Lessons

  • Monster girls must be saved, especially cute ones; fishmen, squid and walrus must be killed.
  • Pretend to be asleep when a hottie visit you at night.
  • Trivial things such as carbonated drink is more important than explaining what kind of relationship did you have with a Dragon Archduke.
  • Elitist doesn’t need to have a proper map.
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