To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S – 01 : The Return of Misaka-sama

13 Apr

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This anime started with the reintroduction of the characters, because apparently, Japanese viewers have really bad memory. There’s Misaka Mikoto with her Gekota phone strap and mini skirt. There’s Kuroko, the teleporter who’s working for Judgement. Uiharu the plain yoghurt. And lastly, Saten, the lewd middle schooler who lured hoodlums into wanting to rape her. Great. They are fried by Misaka before they can do it, though. A scene which we have seen too many times. Later, we are told once again that Misaka is ranked third among all espers in Academy City. Because we are supposed to have forgotten.

Next we are introduced to Shokuhou Misaki, the fifth ranked Level 5 Esper of the whole Academy City. The way they did the introduction is really cringeworthy. Is there really a need for Misaka to speak her rank and full name? Sigh. There should be a better way to introduce her to us. Anyway, the long haired blonde is a really powerful psychic user. She can’t mind control Misaka though, because of the electromagnetic disturbance/barrier, but she can mind control all the students in the library, apparently.

Later, the girls meet up with Haruue, a character which I totally have no memory of. But, it’s- it’s not like I have a bad memory or anything, okay? It’s just that she’s really a useless and forgettable character, from last season’s final arc. These middle schoolers go to hospital to visit the victim from last arc’s experiment case. They meet the Anti-Skill teachers, who’s telling them that a criminal is being hold up in the hospital. To make things short, this criminal later escapes and takes Haruue as hostage. Misaka gets mad, pawns him and his companions with her railgun, with the help of Kuroko. Later, they are able to pay a proper visit to the victim girl and give her get well present, that is an uniform of Uiharu and Saten’s school. The final scene is brief appearance of Kamijou Touma. To be continued!

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You are owned.

My Thoughts

Well. Well. What do we have here? A continuation of Railgun anime, the spin-off of To Aru Majutsu no Index. An anime which serves no purpose other than to please the fans of Misaka Mikoto. JC Staff. “Please make a third season of Index instead. Why won’t you do it. Because this anime serves better as money tree?” Bah. It’s happened because they are not at handling the pacing in Index properly to begin with. Oh. If you watched the first season, which I suppose you have, because there is no reason to pick up this anime otherwise, then you should know how it goes already. While it has battles, the happy-go-lucky K-On’s school life takes up most of this anime’s screen time. It’s totally created to please the fans. Please notice that the manga is not this bad, JC Staff takes the step further in this pandering festival. There is even a skirt of Saten raising Uiharu’s skirt, as if you haven’t seen enough.

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She said that she saw “rose” under there.

I don’t hate Misaka Mikoto’s at all, but I don’t really like this anime. I think she’s at best when she’s Kamijou Touma’s woman. She’s at best when she’s Kamijou’s top harem member and lover candidate. The way she’s involved in this K-On like story is really painful to watch, seriously. Let’s hope that JC Staff will cut the crap this time, and focus on the battles, okay? She’s going to fight various espers who are trying to prevent her from finding out the Misaka Sisters experiment, after all. A little spoiler there from the manga reader, hehe. But it’s already obvious from the OP song sequence anyway. Oh yeah. Other than Accelerator, should I mention that the opponents are all women? Because this is a pandering story, remember? What else could be more entertaining other than seeing cat fights? Okay. Not your usual cat fights, though. Because you will be dead meat in an instant if you are caught up in them.

There’s not much to say since it’s just a first episode, but the art is nothing impressive. It’s the usual JC Staff. If you have watched Railgun season 1, Hidan no Aria, and Index, then you already know the quality. Not a speck of improvement at all, even though the world keeps moving forward. The OP song, which is as usual for JC Staff’s episode 1, placed in the end, is not bad. But I prefer Fripside’s songs. Speaking of OP song, I think Attack on Titan’s OP song is the best of current season. It speaks stupid German, apparently, but I don’t know any German, so it’s all end well. LOL.

My Temporary Score : 5/10
MAL’s score : 8.28/10 (rated by 964 users)
Episode 01’s download count on Nyaa : 52671

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