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Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #2

10 May

Continuing from last time, I am going to write my opinions on currently airing anime. I will put priority on those I recently watched, because I have pretty short term memory when it comes to anime, he he. It can’t be helped, ne, I need to preserve my long term memory for something else, mainly for Python, recently. Also, being a adult is hard. Damn. When will I get my holiday. What now? Anime time. It’s not the best entertainment for me, but it’s still better than watching some Indonesian stupid soap opera / tv drama, yeah?

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Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #1

2 May

Ahhh. Spring 2013. Not a bad season, honestly. Unlike last time, there are a lot of anime that I find watchable. By watchable, I mean that I will definitely watch them every week, and finish them on time. If you pay attention to my anime list, you will find out that I was never able to finish some anime last time: Cuticle Inaba, Ixion Saga. Sakurasou, Tamako, Vividred. It’s because they are so damn cliche/bad/uninteresting. But when it comes to those anime which are currently tagged as “airing”, I will finish them, most likely. Well, the scores are different matter though. So, let’s get starting!

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