Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #1

2 May

Ahhh. Spring 2013. Not a bad season, honestly. Unlike last time, there are a lot of anime that I find watchable. By watchable, I mean that I will definitely watch them every week, and finish them on time. If you pay attention to my anime list, you will find out that I was never able to finish some anime last time: Cuticle Inaba, Ixion Saga. Sakurasou, Tamako, Vividred. It’s because they are so damn cliche/bad/uninteresting. But when it comes to those anime which are currently tagged as “airing”, I will finish them, most likely. Well, the scores are different matter though. So, let’s get starting!

01. Aku no Hana : Aku no Rotoscope, Aku no Buta


[info] I am going to start with the shittiest anime of current season. In case you are wondering, Aku no Buta means Evil Pig(s). You probably have heard about this show already. It got pigs as it’s characters, as you can see from my screenshot. Whoever doing the rotoscope is the laziest artist I have ever seen. The faces are non-existent sometimes, and there are no shades on their skins. Even Mario and Mushroom Princess got shades! Also, the lineart is done so crappily so that I want to cry from seeing it. Even middle schooler can do better job using Photoshop/CorelDraw. Also, the freckles! The characters are super lacking in details yet their freckles are visible! Hey, damned animator, if you think this is a cool idea, let me tell you, it’s shit. Because it’s totally weird. Faces are not visible but freckles?

With the art out of the way, let’s talk about the plot. Apparently, some people said that the plot is totally kool. They said that it’s unsettling and thrilling. They said that it’s different from all the moe shit that we usually watch. Oh, really? Let’s see what is this plot all about. The main character is this guy named Takao Kasuga. He stole a girl’s gym clothes out of a whim because he likes her. A bitch in his class saw him stole them. She blackmailed him. She makes him listen to her orders. She makes him wear female gym clothes to go out on a date. You call this cool? Ha ha ha. The main character is just a big loser, I told you, more than other main characters in your so called moe shit anime. Why would you let this bitch blackmail you; when she is hated / not trusted by all the classmates, she saw you alone, she has no video recording of you, and she has no physical proof whatsoever? Burn the gym clothes. Slap the bitch hard. Punch her a good one. And be done with it. Hah. She want to report you? Just deny it. What’s the problem? Shit story.

MAL score : 5.88
My score : 1.00

02. Karneval : Low Quality Circus


[info] Here it is, one of the current anime which is supposed to be “for the ladies”. However, if I may say, it turned out to be a weird anime with unclear genre. There is this cute boy Nai who is definitely a yaoi material. He is girl-like and he is definitely the one on the receiving end in any homosexual relationship. LOL. However, in the beginning of this anime. This Nai is about to be reverse raped by an ugly bitch(?). I don’t see how could that appeal to fujoshi. Then a spiky haired guy in goggles appears. You sure don’t see this kind of character in ladies show, he should have appeared in shounen anime instead, yet he appears here. The bitch gets mad, and turned into a really unsightly “spider-woman”. Bam. Bam. Bam. Explosions. A low quality fight scene which you can only find in last century’s shounen anime. Please show me something on the same level as Kougami Shinya or Emiya Kiritsugu’s fights. Oh, that’s probably asking too much. Please show me a fight of Mushibugyo’s level at least.

Later, we are introduced to a girl and a handsome guy in tall hat. Ok, this is how a male character in ladies show should be. These duo are super strong, apparently, and together with Nai and the goggles guy, they stopped a train hijacking. I don’t remember much after that. I think I fall asleep by the end. So, to make it short, this is just another low quality anime, which doesn’t even know how to appeal to the viewers. If it wants to appeal to the fujoshi, the guys should have gotten more “touchy feely” with Nai. But no, from what I see, he is treated as a burden more. I was planning to continue watching this, actually, but I can never bring myself to do it anyway. I still have it on my “watching” list for now, but it’s bound to disappear into oblivion sooner or later.

MAL score : 7.60
My score : 5.00

03. Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge : An Erotic Anime Well Done


[info] Let’s face it, this is an erotic anime. But at the same time, it’s a really good anime. It beats other ecchi anime and hentai anime hands down. I-It’s not like I have ever watched hentai anime, okay? For you guys who haven’t watched it yet, this is an anime about weird pairs. Our main characters are Kiri and Iwai. Kiri, a boy who got hair fetish. Iwai, a girl with hair which can’t be cut. However, Kiri owned a cursed scissors which can cut her hair. Thus, their relationship is formed. And it’s a steady relationship, thanks to Iwai’s hair ability to grow back overnight, so it needs to be cut everyday. The story doesn’t stop here, of course, because a lot of bad guys out there want to harm Iwai. Yesss. Now it’s up to our white haired prince to protect his princess.

Similar to our main character, the side characters are mostly perverts. There is an onee-chan who moans sexily as her imouto stab her with syringe. There is a policewoman who gets off from being hanged by her partner. There is a student council vice president who gets into S&M with the student council president. Iwai herself is being used for ero scenes many times, one being her wetting herself while sitting on the floor. Whoa. Whoa. Wait a second. How come such an anime is good? I believe that the most important factor to make an anime successful is the execution. (And the art, of course, because anime is a visual medium.) The execution of this anime is great. The comedy flows naturally together with the ero and the thriller. It’s really rare that an anime can do it this well. All three elements (comedy, ecchi, horror) don’t feel out of place at all. They are a beautiful unison. Try it and see it for yourself.

The visual department and music department are gorgeous, too. You can really feel the tension when it comes to scary scenes. And the fight scenes are done beautifully with the occasional grayscale footage, and clever use of shadows. And when it comes to the slice of life scenes, it’s colorful and nice, up to the standard of current year’s animation quality. in conclusion, one of the better anime this season. I know a lot of people may think otherwise. MAL users are rating it lower than Karneval, too. But I don’t care. Since I am not alone. Enzo, for example, was totally singing a praise on it.

MAL score : 7.10
My score : 8.50

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