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Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #2

10 May

Continuing from last time, I am going to write my opinions on currently airing anime. I will put priority on those I recently watched, because I have pretty short term memory when it comes to anime, he he. It can’t be helped, ne, I need to preserve my long term memory for something else, mainly for Python, recently. Also, being a adult is hard. Damn. When will I get my holiday. What now? Anime time. It’s not the best entertainment for me, but it’s still better than watching some Indonesian stupid soap opera / tv drama, yeah?

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Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #1

2 May

Ahhh. Spring 2013. Not a bad season, honestly. Unlike last time, there are a lot of anime that I find watchable. By watchable, I mean that I will definitely watch them every week, and finish them on time. If you pay attention to my anime list, you will find out that I was never able to finish some anime last time: Cuticle Inaba, Ixion Saga. Sakurasou, Tamako, Vividred. It’s because they are so damn cliche/bad/uninteresting. But when it comes to those anime which are currently tagged as “airing”, I will finish them, most likely. Well, the scores are different matter though. So, let’s get starting!

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Winter 2013 Anime so Far

28 Jan

Now that most anime already have three episode aired, I am going to share my thoughts here. Please do notice that they are ‘my thoughts’, which are definitely different from yours, so, no offence please. If an anime is not mentioned here, it’s because I didn’t even watch a single episode for various reasons, such as how everybody agreed that it’s a “Robin Hood show for kids” and an utter trash. Also, apparently I picked a wrong time to start a blog. January is such a busy month. As I write this, the list of ‘what-to-do’ in my sticky notes has grown past screen height. Oh, damn. There’s no turning back now. On with the contents!

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