Spring 2013 Anime so Far : Bundle #2

10 May

Continuing from last time, I am going to write my opinions on currently airing anime. I will put priority on those I recently watched, because I have pretty short term memory when it comes to anime, he he. It can’t be helped, ne, I need to preserve my long term memory for something else, mainly for Python, recently. Also, being a adult is hard. Damn. When will I get my holiday. What now? Anime time. It’s not the best entertainment for me, but it’s still better than watching some Indonesian stupid soap opera / tv drama, yeah?

04. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru : Losing Faith on Humanity


[info] Five episodes have passed, and I have to correct my opinion about this anime from when I have just watched one or two episodes. This anime isn’t cliche at all. It isn’t your usual light novel adaptation. The main character isn’t generic. While it’s hard to come up with original character nowadays, considering the long history of anime&manga, this guy is pretty unique, if I may say. Basically, the main character of this anime, Hikigaya Hachiman, is somebody who have lost faith on humanity. We are not shown much about what happened to him in the past, other than how he is heart broken from being rejected by a girl, but this guy has totally lost trust on other people. It’s quite pitiful to watch, really. To him, everybody are just jerks, and getting involved with other people has zero benefit.

Despite the unusual main character, this anime is still not very good, sadly. The main problem being the episodic format. What is this? Doraemon? Each episode introduces new problem, and it’s resolved within the same episode, within 20 minutes. This left a strange feeling and dissatisfaction in my heart. Also, another problem, other than the main character, the support characters aren’t strong at all. There is this genius girl who’s good at everything and looks down on everybody else. There is this happy girl who wants to get along with everybody. A super popular guy who’s good at socializing. A chuunibyou fat ass. Also, a reverse trap (probably). In the latest episode, Hikki hurts the happy girl’s feeling, mainly because of his lost of faith on humanity. While this counts as cliffhanger, which means a break from the episodic format, I can’t help but feel that the next episode will be the same format as always. I am looking forward to him changing back into a proper human, though.

MAL score : 7.74
My score : 7.00

05. Valvrave the Liberator : The Dumbest Mecha Anime I Have Ever Watched

[info] Valvrave the Liberator, where teenagers are liberated from the adults. They took goods from the supermarket as they wish. They watched R-Rated movie at the cinema. They scribbled as they wish, most noticably a naked anime girl on a soccer field. Or rather, should I call it a woman in naked apron? Since the casts themselves are anime characters anyway. They danced belly dance and uploaded it to Youtube. They drove recklessly and broke stuff as they see fit. And laughed over it. I generally liked mecha anime, as you can see from my MAL stats, but this anime has really gone and done it.

valvrave 01

They are also free to do what their hormones told them.

valvrave 02

I wonder who programmed this AI.

For those who haven’t known about this anime yet, I am really having difficulty to make a summary of it in one paragraph, but basically, this anime took place in the future where humans can live on outer space already. Our main characters, who are all high schoolers, got a hold of this Deus Ex Machina humanoid robot named Valvrave out of nowhere. Or rather, it’s hidden under their school somehow. They hated how the world is at war, and how the adults are untrustworthy, so they declared independence, making their own country of teenagers and two teachers. Apparently, this Valvrave is strong enough to keep a whole country’s army at bay, so the adults can only suck their thumbs while these teenagers swayed their asses at them. How’s that sound?

I have said it at someone else’s blog, but I really hate and I can’t buy this independence crap. A bunch of kids from a single high school manage a country by themselves? Give me a break. Considering how they take food from the shops as they see fit, they are all going to die from starvation soon. Also, did they say something about raising fund? This is the most stupid thing I have seen on the latest episode. Hello? What’s the usefulness of raising fund? You cut yourself out from the rest of the world. Or rather, make enemies out of them all. You cut yourself out of your original country too. Can those money be used to buy anything at all? I don’t think so. You kids should better start farming rice and raising chickens now.

A super stupid show, ultimately. But I am a masochist, so I am going to continue watching it, for now. I am going to see witness stupid can it get. Also, I forgot to mention this, the OP song is really epic. That’s the only cool thing that I have seen on this anime so far. Do I need to mention that the enemy executives look like stupid goons from Ixion Saga DT? Also it’s supposed to be Gundam anime, but the latest episode is nothing but a highschool romantic comedy.

MAL score : 7.44
My score : 4.00

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  1. Camario May 11, 2013 at 05:07 #

    It’s stupid, but I’m not suffering. I’m enjoying it.

    • eternia May 11, 2013 at 05:10 #

      It’s super stupid. I was suffering, but I am enjoying it.

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